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going to see our future tonight!

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in brampton (the battalion) thomas mccullom for game 4 of the OHL finals.. series is 2-1 windsor spitfires, can't wait to see the kid play.

I went to Game 2 of the first round against the Pete's and McCullom let in 4 goals on 13 shots. :(

Other than that it was a great game. Cody Hodgson is an f***ing TANK. He's the only reason I'm jealous of Canucks fans because this kid is going to be an absolute stud for that team. In that same game I mentioned, he dropped a hat trick and assisted on the OT winner.

Have you been to a Battalion game before? Let me know whatcha think of the Powerade Centre. It's certainly reflective of the "military" theme. lol

"2 minutes remaining until ceasefire"

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place was sold out , 5,000 fans! it was a zoo getting in and a bigger zoo getting out.. over 1hr30 to get into lot from kennedy/steeles and another 1hr30 to get out, crazy!

mccollum was really sharp.. lost though 4-1. as i sat down for the 1st guy next to me goes "how is this guy a #1 pick" lol.. loser. the kid is good and i think we got a good one in him. cody hodgson scored a beauty and matt duchesne flies out there! lots of spitfires' fans came out.. really impressed. my first OHL game not my last :)

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