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RWNW: SCF GAME 7 Get together!

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It's time for Game 7. Friday, June 12th

I am hosting... thought Saturday would be my last but I already had messages asking me if I'd be able to host for Friday.

So here's the deal - you've got 3 days to work your magic at work to get off of work EARLY.

Be here at 4:30!!

Please let me know asap if you can make it. I may go ahead and cook something and you guys can just pitch in money. How's that sound?

This is for all the marbles!!! No EXCUSES!!

Don't lose faith guys.. we're working on winning the series at home!!! ;) Just look at years past!!





CalWingNut *and Leon and Vilija

ThirdManIn - Leah and Bennet

WingNut 25


BadVladForever & Amy

Wow we're getting quite the list here!!! HOORAY!

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Don't worry, our lucky russian is coming :)

I'm getting extra seating. I have 8 chairs outside of the couch so far. We may hit 20..that's gonna be WICKED AWESOME!!

I think you need to bring the secret weapon...

So TMI = this will be the last game you'll be here for RWNW...

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Those cup cakes look amazing! I would love to be there but unfortunately I have to work until 5:30 and it is a bit of a drive. A lot of the time I like the fact that games start earlier on the west coast, but this is not one of those times. At least there will be a few people coming to our place, and one of my roommates is from Detroit as well.

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