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Lidstrom for life

Top 20 Wings prospects

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Even so, if Helm is only the 10th best prospect the Wings currently have that makes me feel pretty good about the future :cool:

Yeah, no kidding. I'm pretty sure no one but Kindl has the potential to outdo Helm in the awesome department.

EDIT: Woops, forgot about Ericcson and Leino. I see Larsson and McCollum being good for the WIngs, too.

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yea. i think they are juding this by the players upside.

Kindl has the ability to be a #1 defenseman, Larsson and Mcollum top tier goalies, leino a possible 25-30 goal scorer and Helms biggest upside is a god 3rd liner. he's never gonna be a 30 goal scorer or get 60 point in a season. he's jsut gonna be a great energy guy like Clutterbuck is in Minnesota (though better at it than cal)

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