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Fresh from the oven...

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C - Towes

C - Roy

LW - Lucic

RW - Iginla

W - Havlat

F - Pominville

D - Green

D - Kronwall

Util - Morrow

BN - Hodgson

BN - Bogozian

BN - Brassard

G - Brodeur

G - Hiller

Kronwall and Havlat on the same team? Oh my! :ph34r:

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You have a pretty, all around, sloid team. Not too many large point production forwards outside of Iginla though. Then again you have an offensive machine in Mike Green to make up for it.

Ya, my point producers aren't show stoppers outside of Green and Iginla but I'm expecting a steady output from a lot of them and I'm taking a chance on Havlat being healthy all season.

I'm stoked on Lucic since PIM's count as a stat category in my pool. I'm also hoping that Hiller continues his playoff level performance through the year.

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