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A Quick Refresher

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 11:53 PM


With a new season just around the corner, my fellow moderators and I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone about certain requirements for posting here at LetsGoWings.com.

First off, The Forum Rules & Guidelines; please take a moment to click the link, and refresh yourself on them. There is a test (kind of).

During the off season we have noticed an emerging trend, where more and more discussions are getting dragged off of the original topic. After noticing this trend, and receiving numerous complaints about this problem, we feel that this issue must be corrected. The Forum Rules are clear that if you intend to take the discussion off of it's original intended topic, it should be done either via a new thread, or through the PM system.

For instance, a thread about how Johan Franzen will be counted on more to fill the goal scoring gap should not be dragged into a debate about how we need more grit on the roster. To give another example, if a thread has been created that you don't agree with, it's not appropriate to post only a "FAIL" picture, or "NICE THREAD... ...JUST KIDDING" or something along those lines. If you can't post constructively to the topic at hand, don't post there.

With that said, the moderating staff will be paying special attention to the direction of posts in the discussion topics during the season. If we come across a post that is deemed to be off topic, or isn't contributing constructively to the discussion, it will be removed. And yes, before you ask, these decisions are subjective. So if you're not sure that a post will be considered on topic, don't post it. As well, if you have concerns about a particular post being removed, please take the issue up with one of the moderators via the PM system, rather than publicly arguing the point in the original thread. Continued violation of this rule can and will lead to temporary removal of your posting privileges. The removal of 3 posts from a thread can also result in suspension.

We are all now aware there is a curse word filter here.  Please do not attempt to circumvent the filter.  Just type the word and let the filter do its job. Circumvention will result in immediate suspension. Please take heed.

I like to believe that LGW has a great reputation for it's ability to facilitate open and civil discussion among hockey fans of all ages, walks of life, and places around the world. Let's all do our part to help keep that reputation going strong!

Thanks, and Go Wings!

The LetsGoWings.com Admin & Moderating staff.

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Posted 05 May 2016 - 03:05 PM

Just to add to this, the following things will get you moderated and are considered against forum rules.


Using insulting comments that may be offensive to others, including using words to describe a mental disability directed in an insulting manner. 


Using anything sexual, regardless if it is filtered out or not, is entirely unacceptable and falls under the came category as not posting offensive and pornographic material, including posting a sexual act and referring to a player, coach, or LGW member intended as an insult. 


Anything borderline or directly racist or homosexual will be strictly enforced going forward, without hesitation. There is absolutely zero place for that here, so understand even what "borderline" means in this situation and if there is any slight doubt in your mind that it is inappropriate, again, do not post it at all. 


Some posters here will need to change their posting habits in a speedy and efficient manner, or you may not make it to the next season. I'm done with it, a ton of this site's members are finished with it also, and enough is enough at this point. This is a Hockey discussion forum, intended for people of all ages, and some of what is being posted here lately is entirely out of line. Any members are also encouraged to report any questionable activity so it may be brought to our attention as soon as possible and we can deal with it appropriately. 


In memory of Steve Shoen, Rest in peace. 

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