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RWNW Interest for Saturday 10/3 Sweden opener

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Hey RWNW... It's been awhile.. I think I'm still recovering from all the parties I threw from the playoffs!

I was wondering... who's interested in watching the game on Saturday, October 3rd at my place at noon?

I need to know before Wednesday September 30th if you're interested, then I will plan on it for sure.

Something simple - Newcastle on tap and chicken chili....

Let me know ASAP.


Your Red Wings Nation West President

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Last call RWNW - so far in attendance we have



Calwingnut (has an emergency and won't be able to make it)

Puckhog419 (and Kelly)


It's possible Iceman7626 will be stopping by because he lives within walking distance (it depends on his work nonsense though) :)

If you're interested, please feel free to pm me!

Sweden Opener Menu:

Sweet Corncake

White Chicken chili with the accoutrements!

Newcastle on tap - chilled to 36 degrees :) And a back up keg in case you're extra thirsty!

Can't wait to see everyone!

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