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Kessel for Elias?

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I have Kessel right now in my hockey pool, my friend has offered me Elias. They're both returning from the IR soon, and I'm leaning towards accepting this trade, here's why:

1. Kessel will have virtually no one to play with as linemates in toronto.

2. Elias will probably be playing with Parise and Langenbrunner in NJ.

3. Kessels stats may have been inflated due to playing with Savard.

4. Elias, despite Kessels big year in 08-09, still had more fan points in my pool than Kessel did.

Any thoughts?

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If it were me I'd probably make the move. Elias, in NJ, is a lock to put up some solid numbers with Parise while Kessel will take time to adjust and really won't have a ton of help in Toronto. I live in the Toronto area and trust me, Kessel is going to have an insanely hard time living up to all this hype. He'll be a good player for the Leafs but I'd be really surprised if it's a seemless transition. The guy is coming off a long injury, adjusting to a new city and surroundings, adjusting to new players and entering a winless team (at the moment). To me Elias is just the safer play. If things work out in Kessel's favour then you could hit it big but you know what you're getting with Elias and that's how I'd play it.

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