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Nylander Is Back

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Excellent. Now Tomas Tatar can go to the World Juniors without leaving a hole...and maybe Dick "Healthy Scratch" Axelsson will be allowed to go back home.

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This is really good news. Our PP is struggling and he'll improve it significantly.

With Tatar going a big offensive void needed to be filled, perfect timing.

Ritola - Pare - Mursak

Emmerton - Nylander - Axelsson

Rismiller - McGrath - Williams

Vigilante - Newbury - Tardif

Looks about right.

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Almost wish we could call him up w/ all our injuries!

The caps are paying his full salary while he is with the Griffins. That has to hurt I am sure. The Wings do need him with all the injuries, but can't take the 4.8 million dollar cap hit to take him on.

This is a great move for everyone involved.

Nylander gets to play and for a team that needs him and in a city with fans that will respect and adore him.

Nylander gets his full salary.

The Caps get a player off their books and get to bring up other players to fill his spot since it didn't work out.

The Griffins get a top caliber player with NHL experience and leadership qualities to boot.

Nylander is a great player both on and off the ice. I met him about 8 years ago and my opinion about him hasn't changed ever since.

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