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Hockeytown Gameday Challenge #4

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Here we go everyone... Hockeytown Gameday Challenge #4! Here are the current standings:

SaCkaveli20: 100

Wingsdiehard13: 97

Howard He Do It: 93

T-Ruff: 91

cjm502: 91

VanDer: 89

germanwing: 88

bulletoobinary: 87

b. shanafan14: 84

Wingsequallife13: 83

BamaWing: 82

Green Wing: 81

Hockeymom1960: 81

MCleveland89: 80

Casey: 78

skyphoenix: 78

Rubble_die_Katz: 77

55fan: 77

Jamaica Jon: 74

Wingsalltheway: 73

P. Marlowe: 73

shaeb30: 67


Wings7: 64

Swayze: 63

KrazyGangsta: 61

dat's sick: 61

CananaBoy: 58

8 Legged Redwing: 58

Kween78: 57

CupChamps979802: 52

SeeinRed: 52

Green Wing: 50

Marty Barry: 34

mmamolo: 33

NorCalGrl: 25

cupforwings: 23

Greatness=PavelDatsyuk: 19

Mindfly: 18

Motown4013: 18

GSBrooks13: 17


Jericho613: 15

pjgj: 15

Wings_Rule_1010: 14

#19=Legend: 14

AIK'91: 6

McAwesome: 4


I was toying around with a rule that would allow every person that plays this game only 1 of the following players every game: Pavel Datsyuk, Tomas Holmstrom, Johan Franzen, and Henrik Zetterberg in an attempt to spread out the scoring, but seens how i didnt get the results from the Edmonton game up until late tonight, nobody got a chance to see this idea and give me input on it. So, for now, everyone can still pick any player. But if everyone could put their input on this idea in with their picks for this game, that would be great! Anyways, hopefully the Wings can regroup after losing to lowly Edmonton and get back on track! Here are my picks:






Henrik Sedin

Edited by shaeb30

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DET: Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Stuart

VAN: Daniel Sedin

I think the game is fine how it is. Adding more rules is just gonna make it more complicated & there will be more entries you're gonna have to correct, etc. If it ain't broke don't fix it, and I like the game thus far.

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Hey shaeb,

i am missing my name in the standings (88 pts)! ;)


Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Miller


H. Sedin

sorry bout that! for some reason i have been having a hell of a time with confusing germanwing with Green Wing lol

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