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anyone listening to kevin smith on nhl live

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Hes made some funny comments that you dont normally hear on NHL Live. Like about his 12 year old masturbation and and ***. He's a funny guy and a genuine hockey fan.

I've been hearing about his impending hockey movie for a few years now, and I'm a little nervous, cause generally hockey movies don't portray the sport very accurately. Seems like hes really trying for a non-kevin-smith movie feel on this one though and going for something more.

Tom Green was on a few weeks ago and they were trying to ask him hockey questions and he basically had to admit he only watches hockey if the senators are in the cup.

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Guest Shoreline

i really enjoyed the part about 16 year old fat girls getting abortions...i think some people will have problems with this guest.

That was brutal which is why it was so hilarious.

Kevin Smith is indeed a funny guy, though I've been incredibly skeptical of hockey movies. I didn't even bother with Miracle as it was a croc and I thought Hollywood'izing an extremely important hockey game, miracle, and event, devalued it greatly. I'd rather watch the actual game over and over than a new film about it. If he can base it off humor (Slap Shot) like he does that whole series leading up to Jay & Silent Bob (Clerks/Mallrats/others) I can see it being a success though. Maybe he can bring in those kids from Dogma.

As for Tom Green you probably don't want him on the show. He probably will find the nearest mascot (or actual living animal) and perform some sexual act upon it.

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