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Brandon Wong signs ATO with Griffins

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Sun Ting Wong, 2 wong make a white. Asians do find this offensive and let me tell you why as a social civil rights activist. Its racist, it not like a blonde joke because there is no stigma being blonde and rather the opposite it is a social desirable physical characteristic. Second, there is still racial prejudice around. Associating wong with wrong is demeaning and insulting. Why no jokes about brad and good 2 rons dont make a right? Could there be a racial element to this joke? History of exclusion, that is why there are so few Asians in general, not socially or popular group. These jokes are unacceptable, demeaning, insulting and not funny. If we had more nice things to say about Asians then we might be willing to let it slide, however in this society non whites are looked down upon as less worthy. I hope this is a lesson to those on the forum, let make this world better and more equal and respectful than before.

Gutsy post.

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