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Guest mindfly

Alex Burrows doesn't like Detroit

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Guest mindfly

Very beatable* <_<

Canucks' Alex Burrows doesn't like Detroit, says Wings are 'very beatable'

Chris McCosky / The Detroit News

Columbus, Ohio -- Seems Vancouver's Alex Burrows isn't a big fan of the city of Detroit -- or the Red Wings.

When asked by AOL FanHouse about playing Detroit in the playoffs, Burrows said, "We don't mind facing anyone, but as far as Detroit, the only thing I dislike is having to fly there and having to stay there, to have to spend a couple of days in that city."

Well, well.

"Hockey-wise, they're a good team, but they're very beatable," Burrows said. "The last time we were at their building (March 3), we won 6-3. All the teams in the West are good, and any team you play is a tough challenge. No one is a walk in the park."

The Canucks are likely to play the team that finishes sixth in the Western Conference.

Hmm what ya'll think about this? :unsure:

Originally from: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100409/SPORTS0103/4090416/1128/rss16

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Is this guy serious? Burrows shouldn't be talking because I guarantee he wouldn't back it up. How about he takes his anger out on Detroit and fight one of them I'd love to see that. This guy is such a tool. These comments make me want to be 6th in the West just to play Vancouver and smash on them.

I love this call:

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To be politically correct, he should be referred to in his native tongue as "Guy LeDouche".

Seriously, does this guy think before opening his mouth? True, last time they played us in Detroit they won 6-3, but does he remember the last time we played in Vancouver, we came back from 2-0 down to force OT, then won on Zetterberg's clutch buzzer-beater. Sounds like selective memory to me. I'm not even going to get into his comments about Detroit itself, what a jerk, I hope we do play them in the 1st round so we can use that as bulletin board material and shove his words directly up his @$$

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