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Raffi Injury?

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An offensively-minded turn-over machine for an offensively-minded turn-over machine? Sounds good on the surface... :lol:

Haha, well Kindl didn't do too bad when Raffi was injured earlier in the season. :ph34r:

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After the hit, he turned the puck over several times. They said his back, which is not great....lets hope he is ok

This would be a great game to play:

[enter text here], he turned the puck over several times.

Me first - FO, its my thread!

After the sun game up...

Once the puck was dropped....

After I turned on the game...

Once he laced up his skates.....

Even tho 40 odd points looked sexy a couple years back, he came from a trap-world to a puck-possession team where...

After I dropped a deuce....

Your turn!

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Rasuckski gets injured every post season

Thing is, the Yotes have been pounding on him. Both sets of announcers I've listened to have commented on it. Doesn't matter why; and at this point it's academic that he is somewhat of a turnover machine anyway. God knows I've griped about it enough.

What matters is that all those hits surely could not have helped his back. If you've ever had back problems, high or low, you know how it can affect everything you try to do. And seriously. If you take him out, who do you replace him with? If any of you have a creative answer to that I'm sure Babcock would be more than willing to listen.

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