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Guest DatsyukianDeke13

franzen hits the net: wings win easily

he has one of the hardest wrist shots in the league, but no accuracy.

Factually incorrect statement.

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This has been the longest day and I am only a fan, with silly pre-game superstitions and rituals. I wonder what the guys are going through right now. I guess this is where the calmness of all the vets to lean on comes in to play. LETS GO WINGS!!

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All day long I've worn my new "Bernie" t-shirt. Just got it in the mail yesterday. On the front it's got a pic of our favorite little birdie with his stick and the puck. And it says his name and underneath, "Little Wings, Big Heart".

On the back it says: Bernie the Rally Bird

Common Name: European Starling

Subspecies: Wingicus Nuticus

Habitat: Joe Louis Arena

Food Source: Crazy Bread, Opponents' fears

Hobbies: Rallying the Boys in Detroit, Inspirational Speeches, Barenuckle Boxing, Bathing in Lord Stanley.

Notable Sayings: "Let's Go Red Wings!" "Chirp!"

Join the Flock at www.LetsGoWings.com

Lots of people at Costco, Sears, Petsmart and Walmart stared. Let 'em! That was the whole idea!!

And I know guys on this board put these tees together and I LOVE mine. THANKS! And I'm wearing it tonight.


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"I am only one, But I am someone.

I can't do everything, but I can do something.

and that that that i can do, I must do,

and by the grace of God, I will do.

I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE, that I am someone, that I am somebody,

And I can do anything."


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