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Hockey Rivalry

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The bigger hockey rivals?  

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  1. 1. Who has the bigger rivalry espcially in recent years?

    • Habs and Bruins
    • Habs and Leafs

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Ok I was talking with some guys today(leafs fans...idiots) and got in a pretty big argument and wanted to see what ppl here think.

I was talking about how it would be cool if Detroit Chicago and Habs Boston could be both confrence finals and was saying how the habs and bruins are probably one of the bigger rivals going right now and have a great rivalry all time.

Of course the idiot leafs fans freaked out talking about how montreal toronto is by far the biggest rivalry of all time and currently as well. I brought up the fact that they've played numerous time the past 10 years in the playoffs with close series and the leafs haven't even been competitive. Anyways since they were all leafs fans they teamed up on me and I wanted to see what you guys thought.

So over the last decade who do you guys think have been the bigger rivals? Thats what the poll is for but feel free to post what you think about all time.

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Leafs/Habs rivalry has died down lately because they haven't had a playoff series since the 70s.


Haha sorry man but I've never came across more irrational fans. They somehow think their team is great when they have been in the s***ter for half a decade. Not to mention the boner they have for Kessel and Bozak and how they think "the monster" is better then Howard.

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