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OHL Player lays out opposing goalie

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What a gutless play... round of applause for the teammate for instantly dropping the mitts and cracking him pretty good with some solid shots...

I beleive there's a time and a place for dropping the gloves right away and laying waste --- and this was that time and place. Game's already decided and the goalie gets charged. Better to unleash hell right away because it's the ONLY time you can legitimately claim "heat of the moment" as a defence.

Saskatoon had their goalie charged late in a game against Red Deer earlier in the WHL playoffs and they waited until after the Red Deer guy got a major penalty, and then the next faceoff to start a line brawl. The dub fined and suspended four Blades to one Rebel, including the Saskatoon coach. That's NOT the way to do it.

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I love Dunnick's reaction, he didn't even think, just out of reflex he goes over and starts whaling on Archibald. I say protect the goalies in the trapezoid, but if they leave it make them fair game.

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