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Whats been going on? The first 2 games especially we got dummied on faceoffs which were critical with all those penalties to kill.

Does anyone think Mclellan is the one who makes the team good at faceoffs? Ever since he left San Jose has been the best in the league.

I think now with Draper past his prime it wouldnt be a bad idea to bring in a specialist for faceoffs. I was trying to find some guys who were just faceoff specialists and could be had cheap. The only ones I really found were.....drum roll..... Scott Nichol(as old as drapes pretty much) and Konopka who honestly I wouldn't mind on this team in a 4th line roll but I'm sure many here disagree. His FO% was around 60 and he could be had cheap but I really don't see it happening.

What do you guys think? Is it time to get another guy we can depend on to win us a faceoff when we need it to replace Draper? And if so, who?

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