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Help save a Yale Women's Hockey player...

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Don't know if this should go in the Water Cooler or not, as it tangentially has something to do with hockey, but I guess if it needs to be moved, a mod can do so...

Basically, this girl who plays/played for Yale's Women's Hockey Team needs either a near-perfect bone marrow donor or a stem cell donor (like if someone is having a baby and they donate the umbilical cord), or she's gonna go with a 9-10 match that may end poorly. *I* only heard about it from a re-tweet that good ol' Shanny posted on Twitter. I guess the complicated part is heritage plays a big part in it, and this girl is of German/Russian decent. I won't try to pretend I know a damned thing about medicine, so I'll just throw up the link:


Again, I'm in no way related to this girl, but I figure Red Wing fans are some of the best people in the world, and if we could fly some complete stranger from South America to see a Wings game in Detroit, maybe we can make a difference here, too.

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