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Savard to waive no trade clause

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Do you post about anything other than Hudler? I swear it's like he slept with your wife or something.

yes, yes I do. But considering this thread is basically about Hudler and Savard, and even the OP said trade Hudler for Savard, I guess there should be no problem that I post about Hudler. ALso since I really dislike him, I naturally gravitate towards other threads that are about him, so it seems like thats all I post about. I do give him his credit and agree he will make this team better, but he is not the answer to the Stanley Cup. This team needs to get a hell of a lot better than just adding Hudler if they want to win it all again. That being said, maybe he did sleep with my wife, at least that would explain my dislike for the guy! :P

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And we all know my opinion is fact, so thats the end of it...were we even talking about that? I didn't read the thread as it all seemed to be about that little midget known as Hudler. I would not like to spend time reading about him in any sense.

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Now this would make sense.

For what it's worth - I don't believe there's any interest by Holland in acquiring Savard.

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