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Holland chose to trade Quincey vs Meech... sounds like he just made a rare mistake. It wasn't an issue of bringing in someone older to replace him.

It's only a mistake if you think Quincey should have been kept over Meech based on their performance and potential at the time. The fact is, the ONLY thing Quincey had on Meech during their time together with the Wings is that he is younger. Meech was better at everything the whole time they were in the system together. There was absolutely no reason to keep Q over Meech. Now Lebda, OTOH, I was advocating THEN for him being the one waived. He was no worse then than he is now; and he is FINALLY leaving the organization now.

Quincey has had some success, but who is to say that Meech wouldn't have the same success given the opportunity?

With the contracts for Helm and Abdelkader taking a bit longer, and the speculation that they will be longer term deals, it makes me think both will be anywhere from 850K to 1 million...

Edit: Also, let's not forget that the RFA's need to be given a raise under the CBA. The exact percentages are somewhere in another thread.

RFAs do not need to be given a raise. Their qualifying offers need to be a certain percentage higher unless they make $1m or more, but the player can sign for the same amount or even less than he made before.

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