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Mario Lemieux- Order Of Canada

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#61 GMRwings1983


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Posted 09 September 2010 - 11:41 AM

I would rank Yzerman probably second All-Time among Red Wings.

As far as this list?

Hasek vs Sawchuk; That's fairly arguable, as the "All-time best-ever goalie" debate typically includes Hasek, Sawchuk, Plante, Roy, Brodeur.
Harvey vs Lidstrom; Most journalists and many experts agree that Lidstrom is better than Harvey, and is quite possibly the second best defenseman ever. While I'm not arguing him above Bobby Orr, the "Nobody is better than Bobby Orr, period, and you'll have to drug me to get me to say otherwise" attitude reallyf****** annoys me. Orr gets an automatic spot? Even Gretzky, who is so wonderful his number is retired for all teams, can be argued as "not the best ever" with some legitimate arguments. Why is Orr so protected?

Who are these journalists that have Lidstrom above Harvey?

Harvey was doing things in his era that no one else came close to. Lidstrom is the best defenseman of his generation, but he's not way above anyone else and isn't doing things that no one else can come close to matching. Harvey was way ahead of his time, and last time I checked, he has more Cups and Norris trophies than Lidstrom. You have to compare the relative eras to see that Harvey is better. People just forget about Harvey way too quickly.

Orr is the best ever, though, and I'd like to see any arguments as to how anyone was better than him. I think it is an open and shut case.
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Posted 09 September 2010 - 05:51 PM

Lemieux was 5x the player as Yzerman ever was.

Yeah that might be hyperbole. Maybe 4 times better. That sounds pretty good.

Agreed. If that. I mean seriously, Lemieux is 1-4 all time, Yzerman is top30-40.

As for Steve Y better defensively? Who cares? Lemieux is so much better offensively that his defense is irrelevant. The other team prayed they do not get scored on. Mario is up there with Gordie Howe. And do not forget - Yzerman was great defensively when he scored around 80 points, he was not good defensively when he was in his offensive prime.

But since this is LGW and most people are Yzerman worshipers, we are gonna get a lot of neg points.

For the record, overall I think Lemieux was better than Yzerman.

You're not going to get negs. here because you think this. See the tone of the post above and that's what gives you the negatives.

Again I think Lemieux was better than Yzerman, but sarcastic or not saying that Lemieux was 5x the player that Yzerman was is pretty asinine when Yzerman is one of the top point producers all time and has won three Championships playing a leading role in all three of them.

#63 haroldsnepsts



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Posted 09 September 2010 - 09:12 PM

As great as Yzerman was, he is not even in the top five players to play for the Red Wings. Here's the all-time ranking from the History of Hockey board: http://hfboards.com/...ad.php?t=669817

1. Gordie Howe
2. Doug Harvey
3. Dominik Hasek
4. Nicklas Lidstrom
5. Red Kelly
6. Terry Sawchuk
7. Ted Lindsay
8. Steve Yzerman

You can't really just pull any name from the list because they've played for Detroit at some time. Well, I guess you can, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Hasek shouldn't really be counted on an all time Red Wings list. He played less than 200 regular season games for Detroit. Of course he's one of the greatest goaltenders to ever play the game, but if you look at his whole career, most people wouldn't think of him as a Red Wing.

And Doug Harvey? He played 2 games for the Red Wings.

The other Red Wings on that list were great players, but I think it's difficult to compare such vastly different eras. Back then it was 6 teams (4 of which made the playoffs), 60-70 games a season, and drinking beer was considered off season training. The level of competitiveness just wasn't as high and I think nostalgia also tends to lead to ranking guys from the original 6 days higher on "all time" lists.

Yzerman as top 5 all time Red Wings is a pretty easy argument to make. And even top 3 is within reason.

#64 j.hoop


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Posted 10 September 2010 - 02:38 AM

This just in, Stevie gives Canada the Order of Yzerman. Country bows and feels unworthy.

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This just in, Stevie gives Canada the Order of Yzerman. Country bows and feels unworthy.

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