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10/3 Pre-season GDT: Pittsburgh Penguins at Red Wings

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love this

That game made me a J-Ho fan for life. I nearly forgot how pissed it made me when that little pus filled polyp Crosbitch repeatedly cross checking Hank, pulling his hat off (and what, gonna try and cross check him in the head......naw, not even Crosbitch would sink that low)but then YES! Another cross check. The only thing that pisses me off more is that the refs did nothing. Good on Jimmy for wiping the snot out of Syndi's little girl nose.

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Ya he had a good goal the other night. I remember his being kinda lazy at some points. In particularly one time during a delayed penalty he could have gotten possession for the whistle but instead didn't go for it and it turned into a scoring chance.

I'm a huge advocate of Mursak, but this bothered me too. He just seemed to stop skating. He's also taken a few questionable penalties, but I assume he'll work the kinks out eventually.

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