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Regular Season Start Date

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Okay, call me an idiot for not paying real close attention to dates and when the regular season was actually starting, but I simply assumed that the regular season would be starting early this week, perhaps even tonight.

It was Oct. 1st on Friday and I knew there were still pre-season games on the weekend, so I assumed the last pre-season games would be played on Saturday and regular season would begin on Monday (this was in the back of my had I guess from a calendar perspective and what I have grown used to, since I actually did konw there were games on Sunday, not sure how I blocked that out though).

In any event, I'm used to the season beginning somewhere between Oct. 2-4 and this year it doesn't start until Oct. 7th? Why? If everyone complains so much about the season going too far into June, why start the season so late? I have some ideas about playoff schedule as well (i.e. why so many days off here and there.....though I must admit some of that may be due to TV scheduling and building commitments, but still).

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