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NHL Superheroes!

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as both a rabid hockey and comic book fan,

i've gotta say, this is going to get lame,..quick,..like prostars with Wayne Gretzky lame (remember that, with jordan and bo too?)

Stan the man is a comics legend, but quite frankly i've wondered about his sanity the last ten years or so.

First there was stripperlla with pam anderson

And there's about a 100 awful B movies you can pick up at your local blockbuster made from his ideas.

All of it is a very very far cry from the X-men, FF, Avengers ect.

I think the important thing about Stan is, Yes he built the Marvel universe.

But no he didn't do it single handedly.

Jack Kirby had a lot to do with it as well.

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Guest CaliWingsNut

We have our first villain!173767114-e3d4462997f6a92252b6d9f749b1133d.4cae0aa0-full.jpg

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