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Four-year contract extenson for Babcock

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It would be nice to see him get consideration for the Jack Adams this year.

Unfortunately, the odds of him ever getting his dues (Jack Adam's nominations) would have to come at the cost of the team having a horrible season, followed by a bounce back season.

The league never recognizes teams that are consistently good (which is ridiculous, because if anything, that is a BETTER example of a great coach) and instead, always nominates teams that have break-out or comeback years... if getting us over 100pts last season with the injury decimated roster we had can't get him a nomination, I don't know what will...

He'd probably have to coach them to the first even 82-0 season to get a nomination and he'd still probably lose to someone like Ron Wilson...

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Guest mindfly

"Babcock is believed to be the highest-paid coach in the NHL with a salary approaching $2 million a season."

Damn good salary for a nhl coach, but money isn't a problem for mr.illitch and management and coaching salary does not apply to the salary cap so no problems :D

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unless scotty comes back i think babs is the man for the job

you're kidding right?!?! Scotty is not in the best of health and is 77 years old...

here, let me fix that for you -

unless scotty comes back i think babs IS the man for the job

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