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Any Houston area fans?

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Hey gang,

I'm starting to get tired of just watching the game at home with no one on Center Ice and wanted to know if there are any other Houston area Wings fans that get together somewhere to watch games. I've got to believe that a city this size has at least a couple Wings fans.



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I have been trying to get Houston wings fans together for a couple years now. Especially during the playoffs.

Every time i go to an Aeros game i see a ton of wings jerseys, so i knew i wasn't the only fan down here.

I started a Houston area wings fan page on Facebook, but it only consists of me and a couple family members right now.

Let me know when and where, and maybe we can get together for some games. I know the fox n the hound in the woodlands plays all the wings games during the playoffs. the manager there is from Detroit too.

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