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Promotional Tickets

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Alright so my dad and I are going to the game on the 19th but the deal is he got the tickets because he's a firefighter and they're doing a firefighter appreciation night. My question is will the seats be decent or are these promotional type tickets normally in bad sections?

Also how would I go about getting autographs before a game? Thanks.

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Pretty much every seat at the Joe is decent although there are a few terrible seats you can buy for a HUGE discount (just seat skip anyways).

As for the autographs, this isn't Minor league baseball brah, I don't think that's possible.

Used to be that you could get some before or after the game if you waited by the gates and whatnot, but now security is so tight that they don't even let people get anywhere near the gates.

I do remember one time when I was a lot younger, however, my dad was able to get us below the concourse on the ground floor of the Joe, underneath the stands, immediately following a blown lead by the Wings, resulting in a 5-5 tie with Florida (my dad coached Florida's equipment manager back in high school, so he managed to get us down there). I was sitting there waiting with a select few people, when out comes Steve Yzerman. The nervous young kid in me, looking like he just saw Jesus, was so afraid to approach him, but to this day, I regret not trying to get to him sooner, because by the time I ran off to stop him for an autograph, he kind of gave me a blank look and kept on walking. He was clearly upset about the game, but I'll never forget how crushed I felt that day.

Anyway, have fun and good luck getting some John Hancocks. You're going to need it.

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