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Congratulations Chris Osgood!

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#141 titanium2


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Posted 29 December 2010 - 02:51 PM

Who the hell is this clown?

This should be worth a lot of fun discussion.

The Hall of Fame needs to be reserved for the very best of the best to ever lace up skates. It is not the Hall of Very Good or the Hall of Longevity or the Hall of Milestone Numbers. Only the top players in the history of the game should be enshrined there.

I want you to honestly answer one question for me: Is Chris Osgood one of the best players to ever play the game?

It is a simple yes or no question without regard to his numbers or who else is in the Hall. Unless you're looking through Red Wing-colored glasses, you have to say no.

That is where Osgood falls short. The eyeball test. If you've seen him play, it is hard to say he is one of the best ever.

How often was he considered one of the best players among his contemporaries in the NHL? How often was he even considered one of the best players on his team? Heck, how often was it a 100-percent lock that he was even the best goalie on his team?

Osgood's accomplishment is truly amazing. After he retires he should have his number taken out of circulation by the Wings, and I am sure he will get elected into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. That is where it should end.

Enjoy Chris Osgood's career in Detroit for what it is and you won't be disappointed when the Hockey Hall of Fame does not come calling.


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Posted 29 December 2010 - 03:20 PM

That was one of the worst opinionated blog entries I've ever read. He doesn't get in because he doesn't pass the eyeball test? I love how he leaves out any stat comparison to current hall of famers. If someone wants to argue that Ozzie shouldn't be in the Hall, that's fine. Just bring some substance to the table, not "he doesn't pass the eyeball test."

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 10:57 AM

From Mlive:


Chris Osgood said he received numerous congratulatory messages following his 400th win on Monday.

"My text numbers were ridiculous, got stuff from people I hadn't talked to in 10 years,'' Osgood said. "Scotty (Bowman) texted me, which still cracks me up."

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 11:42 AM

Re: Selkie's post

Again, I think 'fans', particularly 'expert fans', see things with waaaaaay different standards than people in the biz. Osgood got bombarded by fellow hockey personalities. 400 wins may not be very HHOF or retirement worthy to you, but I once again maintain it's a huge milestone for people actually involved in the NHL level of the sport and will most likely result in HHOF and quite possibly number retirement. There's a distinct difference between "Should Osgood be in the HHOF by your standards?" and "Is Osgood HHOF worthy?" -- the latter is what's judged by people in the business of pro hockey.

My opinion? I don't know if Ozzie "should" be in the HHOF because honestly, there's absolutely no standard set for modern goaltenders. Fuhr, Smith, and Roy are the most recent goaltenders; in regards to the former two, they were the standard of a different era, and in regards to the latter, a top 3 all time player at a position does not set a standard. The same can be said for 2 other locks, Hasek and Brodeur. The next tier, Belfour, Joseph, Vernon, Osgood--these are the names that will set the bar for what's considered "HHOF-worthy" for a modern goaltender. I have no modern comparison for "should" until I see what happens with these guys, and thus, I will make no judgements on "should"... only predictions on what the HHOF will do in regards to perceived standards.

However, I will say this:

If 400 regular season wins, 74 playoff wins, and 15 playoff shutouts--all marks held by 10 or less other goaltenders in the history of the NHL--in addition to 3 cups (2 as a starter), respectable (even if not spectacular) sustained SV% and GAA (and upper echelon for said stats in the playoffs), and the ability to keep a job in one of the hardest positions in pro team sports for 17 seasons (13 of those as a starter that plays ~60 minutes a night for the majority of games in an 82 game season) is not enough to be a Hall of Fame standard, then the standards are too strict on netminders. I don't care how many of those numbers are a "team stat" or how good his team was--you don't get kept around as a player for 14 years (10 years as a key player) on the most successful hockey team for 2 decades unless you're pretty damned good yourself. Success keeps the company of success... and I offer the same argument for other 'debated' names such as Dryden and Fuhr.

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 11:30 PM

Wasn't he on pace to hit 500 wins at one point? Win wise I thought he was hanging with Broduer and Roy for a bit.

It only took Osgood about 30 more games than Brodeur to hit 400; he did it faster than everyone but Marty.

Osgood's big issue was that he never had the regular 65-70 game seasons that guys like Brodeur and Roy did. This limited his win totals over his career because he couldn't win games he didn't play. Brodeur has played approximately 50% more games than Osgood since their rookie season of 1993-94. So if you add on the 50% using that simple math, Ozzie has 600 wins in 1113 games compared to Brodeur's 607 in 1103. It's simply a matter of Ozzie not playing as many games per season; his performance and winning percentage was/is more than enough to win that number of games.

There are two individual marks Ozzie likely cares about more than any others. If he gets 36 more wins, that's win 352 as a Wing and has passed Sawchuk's Detroit record of 351. Another 12 past that and he has 448 career wins, one more than Sawchuk's 447 career wins.

If Osgood plays a reasonable amount of games the rest of this season, and then as a backup next year, he hits or gets close to that first mark. Playing out through 2012-13 should put him over 447 if he gets a reasonable number of games. If he wins 4 of every 9, to match his record this season, he would need to play 72 games in a span of 200, which is equivalent to about 25-30 games over the course of a season.

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 11:34 PM

#401. Two away from his boyhood idol.

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Posted 05 January 2011 - 12:11 PM

#401. Two away from his boyhood idol.

Hell yeah!!
Pavel Datsyuk would'nt acknowledge if he aggravated his right wrist that was broken in December. The Russian only said that he is looking forward to getting back on the Red Wings plane (back to San Jose) for Game 7:

"Have good seats" Datsyuk said.

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