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Anyone know of a good site showing schedules?

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Usually every week fantasy hockey sites will tell you the amount of games teams have in a week, and obviously the more games your players have the better. I was wondering if anyone knows of a decent website that will show me the amount of games a team has in future weeks (like a week ahead) so I can better prepare my roster more in advance..

I play in an ESPN league and they're forecaster shows the amount of games in that current week, or possibly a fews days before the following week but that's not soon enough. It's annoying to look at NHL.com's schedule website and count games for each team, so does anyone know of a decent fantasy site with something like this?

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two solid fantasy sites... not sure if they do the weekly matchups thing though but on espn fantasy they have it somewhere on there where they show games matchups per week (generally in article form though, not for individual players but more for teams)

http://fantasynews.cbssports.com/fantasyhockey .... used to do that but arent on top of it anymore. used to have full fantasy analysis of players but generally dont keep up with it anymore.

hope these help!

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