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Andy Pred 48

JJ & CM not living up to expectation?

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when the Griffs brought in Minard and Johnson they were expecting some vet leadership and some much needed scoring punch to what would be a very young line up. So far the 2 have combined for just 7 goals and have a combined -23 plus minus. Now as I dont get to see every game

I would like some opinions as to how these 2 are playing, stats dont tell the whole story but they aren't supporting the fact that Chris and Jamie are helping/hindering the team in a way they were brought in for. Minard's fall off in production must be the more concering of the 2 as he is no way near his previous output ave's. With Murs and Tats up with the big club maybe they may get alittle more ice time on the top lines, or have they been getting that? On a more posative note, Ilari is on course for a 60+ point season which in my opinion would be a very remarkable achievement for his first season in the A'. This is probably more than the Wings/Griffs expected of him. I hope he gets the call to play with his bro for at least one game, to reward his season to date.

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Minard is still playing solid enough. He's not showing up on the score sheet, but isn't invisible. Johnson on the other hand.. is. There was an article in the 1st issue of the Griffins program (they issue one every few weeks) that discussed his struggles to score since coming to Grand Rapids; but that obviously hasn't changed too much.

He was on the ice for one of Pare's goals the other night, I can't remember whether it was the game tying goal or the one that got called off, but I remember when he took the ice being like, 'ooohh yeah, Jamie Johnson. I remember him.'

So - quite literally - he's been pretty invisible.

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