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Rick Zombos Ghost

super unreliable rumor about Daniel Larsson

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this was a comment to an A. Khan article so it is most likely unreliable.......

interesting nonetheless

It was a post on Yahoosports:


There are reports beginning to surface tonight that former AHL starting goaltender Daniel Larsson could be back in a Red Wings uniform as early as next week or as late the beginning of April. These reports began to surface before Jimmy Howard's bruised knee incident tonight in Columbus.

According to unnamed sources Detroit GM Ken Holland has either already departed or will be departing to Sweden to meet with Larsson, his agent, representatives from the HV-71 hockey club (where Larsson is presently under contract). Holland was seen yesterday in the Detroit Metro Airport, but there is no report as to which gate he was at or what airline he was flying (he could have been just going to tonight's game in Columbus).

Media is presently trying to get confirmation from the Red Wings organization as to Larsson's status. Speculation as to Larsson's return to a Red Wing uniform began Friday morning when the Wings reactivated his profile on theitr website which can be found at http://redwings.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8473471 . In the profile Larsson is wearing number 31 -- the number goaltender Joey MacDonald wore tonight in Columbus.

Should Larsson return, he would be Detroit's third string goaltender for the remainder of the season, although Chris Osgood (who is not expected to retire before the start of next season) may not be returning after (what appears to be) season ending hernia surgery Tuesday. This would automatically make Larsson the backup for current starter Jimmy Howard (who played together in Grand Rapids during the 2008 -- 2009 season) for the remainder of this season.

Larsson is quoted as saying he will not return to the AHL, as he was benched by Griffins bench boss Curt Fraser for much of the tail end of last season as Thomas McCollum was given the majority of second half starts and being touted as Howard's backup after Osgood left.

Since then Thomas McCollum has literally tanked in Grand Rapids for the Griffins, and has returned twice to Toledo of the ECHL to play for the Walleye. Even Walleye starting goaltender Jordan Pearce has more victories with the Griffins this season than McCollum, and is presently the Griffins starter while Joey MacDonald plays with the Wings.

Larsson, on the other hand, is having a steller year in the Swedish Elite League (SEL) with HV-71 where in 31 games played he has a 2.18 goals against average and a save percentage of 0.927. For more information on his stats this season and his current situation with Detroit, checkout http://www.redwingscentral.com/prospects/larsson.php .

Detroit presently holds Larsson's North American rights for the next three seasons-- although there are reports he would rather play someplace else and didn't like the treatment he received at the tail end of last season in Grand Rapids. Larsson would, however, be able to fit into Detroit's current cap. Should he return to Detroit and Chris Osgood heal well, Larsson would ride the press box for the rest of the season as a return to Grand Rapids is out of the question for him.

As for financial compensation for the HV-71 hockey club, there are presently no details (even speculative ones) on this. Daniel Larsson's current SEL contract offers an escape clause after one year should he join and play with an NHL club. Departure before one year is unclear.

Another reason for Larsson's departure to Sweden is that his salary tripled (in comparrison to his 2009-10 AHL salary) for the present season. He is quoted as saying his goal is to play for an NHL club. With Detroit's present situation in net and current reports this may come sooner than later.

i cant find the article it is referring to....

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Hmm, interesting. I saw let Larsson be backup for a while till Ozzy is healthy.

Why not MacDonald? He's given up 1 goal in his last 2 games, and 1 shootout goal.

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Why not MacDonald? He's given up 1 goal in his last 2 games, and 1 shootout goal.

I was ticked off about the comments that Larsson made at first, but if Osgood's going to be out for an extended period of time I say let the guy back-up Jimmy. If he sucks then it's "see ya later pal, you got too cocky" and if he does well then we've got a nice goaltending battle on our hands. I say we might as well try to see what use we can get out of the guy, because he's done pretty well in the SEL.

EDIT: As an aside, I'm still not 100% clear on the rules for player transfer. Not even sure he can come over, since he signed a two-year deal with HV-71, or if the timing is even right too.

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