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Cool NHL player names

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The one great thing about the NHL... the players names. Foreign names are often pretty much awesome, probably because they are foreign to us :) For example, i think Sven (albiet a first name, whereas im going w/ last names in my post) is a pretty awesome name, but thats not a typical North American name.

That said, a few names off of the top of my head that i think are cool names








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My favorite is Vikingstad. How badass is that? He was on the Norwegian national team at Vancouver last year. Okay, hold the phone: check out his Wiki page - there's a whole section on his name! "Tore Vikingstad has an awesome name that has led people in North America to believe he is a legendary nordic figure." Holy crap, they're so right! Swear to God I didn't see this until I went on there right now. :lol:

Other good ones:

Niedermayer (my dad has to make an Animal House reference every time he hears it, heh)


Latendresse (aww, how sweet, lol)

Quick (best goalie name ever)


Del Zotto


Hamhuis (Ham-hwis? Ham-hyoos? Whatever, it's funny however you're supposed to say it)


Nodl (I always call him Noodle)

Lundqvist (not uncommon-sounding to me...I just like the name)

Pretty much all Finnish names are awesome. My favs on the Wings are Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, and Abdelkader. We've got some good ones. Oh dude, and I can't wait until Jarnkrok starts playing for us...Iron fricking Hook, everybody!

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