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Party Like It's NHL '94

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I have played every EA sports NHL game from 98-Current.

The NHL series is by far the most advanced of all the sports games. I play then all from time to time, but none is as competitive and realistic as the NHL series. Especially when you're good. Two good people playing Madden make it look totally unrealistic, completing passes that should never happen, and returning kickoffs so easily that you have to have a "Ok no kickoffs" rule. Two good people playing the modern NHL games....straight up looks like a real game.

I've broken a sweat playing my roommate in NHL 2010. He always played Pittsburgh, and my other friend always plays Washington, and I get pretty damn competitive when they try to come into my house and pick THOSE teams on MY PS3. Hehe.

I have never lost to anyone, ever.....unless I was drunk. But Sober I am undefeated in NHL games dating back probably as far as 2003.

3-4 beers I'm good at video games. Over 6, and I decline rapidly. By the time I get drunk.....monkey's could beat me.

I've had people bring me cases of beer, just so I would get hammered so they could win :)

The bad thing is, when I get drunk, I lose all ability to focus on all five players, and end up trying the same things over and over and over again...where as when I'm sober I never even bring it into the zone the same way twice.

I piss people off, because I play a very heavy defensive game. I love using tight point, and play a weak forecheck for that neutral zone control :)

Admittedly I've never played anyone but local friends (Maybe 20 different people)....so I'm sure there are NHL game pros out there that would beat me crazy bad...but until that happens I will maintain my one pathetic claim to fame :)

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I never played NHL '94. Just wasn't into sports games back then. I heard you can play it online, so I'll see if I can find that.

My favorite NHL game would be NHL 2000, just because I loved the rotating camera that would zoom in on the action. I hate the static 2-dimensional camera that just goes up and down. It's still that way with hockey games today.

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The team's leading scorer, Brendan Ranford, is the son of former Wing Bill Ranford. He was born in 1992.

I love the clip and I'm surprised one was found of the Blazers winning a game this year. :hehe:

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