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ANNOYING flashing bulbs at the top of the stadium?

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Ok so I was at Friday's (lack of) game. Obviously, it got a little frustrating and boring there so I started to just look around. I noticed at the top of the stadium there are big bulbs (above the suites placed all around the arena), these lights pretty much just seem to randomly flash... Are they cameras (if so isn't that a bit high and its like 1 - 2 flash every 1 - 2 seconds)? They get quite annoying if you are actually looking at them. Any idea anyone?



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It's the central flash system for the arena. Press photographers use it. They have a wireless transmitter hooked up to their camera so when they take a pic it triggers the flashes in sync with their camera.

Ohhh that makes sense! Thanks! I was wondering how those guys with cameras in the little hole get a clear shot with no flash! Thanks! Didn't realize that a flash from all the way up there makes a great picture still.

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