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So, whats wrong with the Griffins?

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Season ticket holder here. I have been watching the Griffins all season, and I would like to toss out a few things that I see with the team.

First off, they are deep at the forward position. They have a lot of playmakers. The problem is that they don't have any finishers. I see them get some good passes into the zone, but they just can't seem to capitalize on their chances regularly.

Secondly, they are not deep at defense. They have some gritty defenders and guys willing to play tough D, but on the skill side they are lacking. Meech and Smith are good enough to make things happen, but they are not superb in the AHL level. I hope that Smith will grow into the role a bit.

In the end, they have the skill and talent to be better than a .500 team like they are playing now. I feel they are missing a few pieces of the puzzle though. I keep thinking a coaching change may be what this team needs, but its hard to say if that will make a big difference. Maybe when we get some new blood in the system next season, it will turn back to our favor.

What do you think is wrong with the Griffins? Do you think they are not applying themselves? Are they lacking something? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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I think the problem lies purely with the offense personally. There have been so many games where they have looked OK defensively but look like they couldn't score with an empty net in front of them.

Johnson and Minard were brought in by Ken Holland to carry the offensive load up front and have just completely failed to adapt to the Griffins system, which begs the question why Holland signed them in the first place.

Andersson, Coatzee and Raedeke have all come in for their first AHL season and have all been absolutely terrible. Coatzee and Raedeke especially have looked so out of their depth I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed in the ECHL next season.

On a team like Grand Rapids when a tough grinder is your top scorer, you have offensive issues. The injuries to Grand Rapids, coupled with Holland refusing to fill out his own roster spots in Detroit this season, meant at times our depth has been so stretched we've had nearly 2 entire lines of ECHL players and rookies.

It's basically been a mix of bad management on Ken Holland's part and a higher than usual amount of rookie prospects simply not being able to cope at this extra level. Lately, now everyone is back and has been for some time, Grand Rapids has looked like a team that could easily make a deep run into the playoffs, should they get there.

Just my take though :cool:

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