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Possible Deal With Atlanta?

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#61 luvmnger


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Posted 20 June 2011 - 10:07 PM

how about the rights to negotiate with ericsson, hudler and kindl for bogo.

at this point in the red wings situation its not about $$$, its about holes.

jagr,tanguay,laich,fleishmann...will fill the hudler void. (upgrade) (1 year con.)

brewer or someone else will fill the salei void. (younger, 2 year con.)

wiz,bieksa...will fill the raffi void. (younger) 4-5year con.

and bogo will fill the ericsson void. (upgrade)4-5 year con.

plus we eliminate 2.5 for huds, and apply it to the new breed.

the wings need to think (and will)about impact/longevity.

next year there is a crop of UFAd-men that will require attention, and lids may be out of the equation.

build now for the future and lids money (6.2mil. plus cap inflation) on next year crop to acquire yandle/suter/burns.

i think it would be the way to go....just get winnipeg to bite on...

imagine wiz, brewer, tanguay, laich, bogozian all in wings gear.
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#62 Never_Retire_Steve



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Posted 20 June 2011 - 11:59 PM

Another reason this won't happen now.

Agreed, who wants to go to Detroit after being in the tropical winter paradise of Winningpeg


#63 Majsheppard



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Posted 22 June 2011 - 02:58 PM

Agreed, who wants to go to Detroit after being in the tropical winter paradise of Winningpeg

The trade was because the ownership might not pay him and would rather trade him. That isn't going to be a problem in Winnipeg right now.
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Tootoo does NOT belong on this team. He is classless and I would rather see the Wings be bad than classless. I feel the same way about Bertuzzi as well, but he at least CAN make the team better. With Tootoo the team becomes worse and in danger of being classless. Would you have liked Claude on the team? Or Roy? No. So why would you be okay with that POS.

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