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Miss Wing Queen

Take a Drive Down Nick Lidstrom Drive

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I work in Novi, and I saw this announcement today:

Take a Ride Down Nick Lidstrom Drive - Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 5:30pm

Join us as the City of Novi honors our hometown hero with a street naming ceremony. Detroit Red Wings Captain and Novi resident, Nicklas Lidstrom supports his local community in a variety of ways. He will join us as we celebrate his contributions and accomplishments.

Here's the link to the flyer.

Congratulations, Nick! You deserve it. Fitting too that it is Arena Drive changing to Nick Lidstrom Drive, the road that leads to the Novi Ice Arena.

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Isn't Novi where all the Wings Swedish players live?

this article is from 2008. samuelsson and lilja were in Novi too. hank is the one who is in another town


The Swedish Red Wings say their nationality is irrelevant on the ice and in the dressing room, but acknowledge their bond away from Joe Louis Arena.

All of them live in a Detroit suburb, Novi, other than Zetterberg, who lives about 30 kilometres away in Bloomfield Hills.

"It's great for our families, especially our wives and girlfriends when we're on the road," Lilja said. "Our kids speak English at school, and Swedish at home. Sometimes they mix the two languages sometimes and we call that Swenglish.

"We live so close to each other. I'm a sand wedge away from Samuelsson's yard and the rest the guys - other than Hank - are a two-minute drive away."

Yes, Zetterberg hears about that.

"Well, you know, Hank is a star," Lilja joked, putting his fingers in the air to make quote marks. "He can't live with us in Novi."

Zetterberg, standing nearby, had a rebuttal.

"When I got here, it was only Nick and Homer and I thought they were too old," the 27-year-old Zetterberg said. "So, I lived where the younger guys did."

One of the youngest Swedes in the Detroit area, four-year-old Isak Holmstrom, recently went to a home game sporting a miniature version of his father's No. 96 jersey with his mother.

"It's wonderful to have all the Swedes here in Detroit," Annelie Holmstrom said. "We're like one, big happy family."

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All except Hank I think. I actually just drove past Nick's sub the other day. :P

Try getting in there to check out the houses?

I actually know where Lilja and Samulsson lived, they were only about 4 houses apart. :ph34r:

edit - I realized I didn't comment on the original topic. I think it's great that they are naming that street after Lidstrom, he deserves it and it's very appropriate. Will have to drive by to see the sign one day, I know I won't be able to make it on the 24th.

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What kind of pizza did he order?


<_< Sorry I'll put the full word next time. :P

Anyway, I'm glad he's getting a street named after him. He deserves it, yet he's so humble. There should be a subdivision where all the streets are named after Red Wings legends. I would totally live there...after I moved from the neighborhood where all the streets are named after Lord of the Rings. :hehe:

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