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Hockey Cards For Sale

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I'm selling Hockey Cars these cards are just regular commons cards I'm selling by team I have a lot of different years but I believe my most recent is 09 since I've been out of the collecting game for a few years now and I'm just trying to get rid of cards and make a little money. I'm selling these cards by teams I have almost all teams except for Detroit Red Wings as I keep them. Please just name your team and I will make you a list of what I have. I have different teams from the NHL older teams like the Winnepeg Jets or newer teams like the Minnesota Wild I have all years from early 90's right up to 09 so if you are interested I will make you a list and we can try to work something out. I just want to get rid of these cards but I do need to make a little money so just name your team and I will make you a list of what I have. Thank you.

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