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History Will Be Made

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Great clip, Datsyuk's reaction to the penalty is classic!

If the NHL was consistent, we probably would have won the 2009 Stanley Cup. Malkin would have been suspended for Game 3, for starting a fight within the last 5 minutes of Game 2, and the Pens would have had a to many men penalty called against them in Game 6 when they had 6 skaters on the ice for 20 seconds.

I still think Pittsburgh's 2009 Cup is tainted, and probably always will. They got that Championship handed to them with a bow on it from the League. Plus I remember someone during the playoffs said the Pens in 75% of their games had the first Power Play.

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No kidding with that video, and the 09 cup. (Don't forget the off-sides on that goal too) I have long since excepted that hockey is a game for a select few. The sooner league officials figure that out and stop trying to expand it by waiving off goals like that on our team that has arguably the biggest fan base in the league, putting teams in the middle of the desert, and cramming their chosen ones down our thoughts the better. We should just take the NASCAR approach to it all: We are who we are, we like it you don't have to but it is our sport you don't have to watch it.

I know that whole thing was a bit off track, but the point is consistency would be great to see in this league for a change. You may be thinking that I need to put on my foil hat after it too, but you know even if you wanted to expand the market offering a consistent product would do wonders. If I am buying Beef from producer A and half the time it comes spoiled, I'm not got to buy from producer A anymore I will go with B.


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