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Team MVP?

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  1. 1. Who is your Red Wings 2010-11 team MVP

    • Zetterberg
    • Lidstrom
    • Howard
    • Datsyuk
    • Franzen
    • Cleary
    • Helm

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The season is almost over, we've just clinched our 20th straight trip to the postseason, 11th straight 100 point season, and (as I type) are only 2 periods away from another division title.

Who's your 2010-11 Red Wings team MVP? There's a few choices. Don't laugh that I included Franzen and Cleary, but they both did have over 20 goals, so I think deserve to be on the list.

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Don't know who I will vote for but for me it is between Datsyuk, Z and Helm.

EDIT: Voted for Datsyuk but I anyone could get it for there own reason.

Datsyuk is Datsyuk

Zetterberg played great all season and especially when Datsyuk got hurt.

Helm because he just always show some much hustle and heart even if he doesn't get a lot of points.

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I voted for Datsyuk. He just takes us to a whole other level.

Was tempted to vote for Zetterberg...definitely a close, close second. No way could I disagree with everybody who said he carried us when Dats wasn't there.

Helm should at least be on the poll - he's been great.

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If not for missing a good amount of games, definitely Dats as he's been the difference on most nights when playing, but overall game in and game out, Lidstrom has kept the team going. From his leadership to his on-ice play, he's consistently been the reason why we've clinched our ninth Division Title in ten years will have one of the top seeds heading into the playoffs.

With the injuries to Raf, Stuart and so forth, he's kept our defense kicking.

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20+ minutes a night of elite defensive play. Played in every game this season. 2nd on the team with 61 points. Ice water running through his veins, off the charts hockey IQ.

Lidstrom's play rarely dazzles because it's not flashy, but he is the foundation of everything good Detroit does.

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People who have been saying "well of course it's Datsyuk, (winning percentage stats)" are ignoring reality. How well would the Wings have done had it been Z out instead of Datsyuk during that time frame? If the Wings just kept plugging along at a .650 or .700 or whatever it is, that would be a fair argument for Datsyuk not being an elite center.

Zetterberg is the team's MVP this season. His performance has carried the team both as the best player and as the leader. If you look back, the notable bad games the team has had are all times when Z had a bad game. St. Louis most recently. Z carried the team offensively when Dats first went out, and if not for the lack of defensive structure and the goaltending failures, the Wings would be in a much stronger position due to giving up far fewer goals and thus having won many more games.

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