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Raffi Torres suspended 4 games

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#21 Drake_Marcus



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Posted 08 April 2011 - 01:16 AM

See now clean hits get suspensions, what did I tell everyone? They should just ban hitting now rather than making a mockery of hitting

:lol: Yeah this was a real hockey play. Dear God don't take away our blindside charges intended to injure rather than make a play on the puck. :rolleyes:

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#22 jollymania


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Posted 08 April 2011 - 02:24 AM

:lol: Yeah this was a real hockey play. Dear God don't take away our blindside charges intended to injure rather than make a play on the puck. :rolleyes:


that wasn't a charge or a blindside, any body who plays hockey knows a hit is coming in that situation, you don't be an idiot and reach for a puck like that, lets just ban hitting and get it over with, in 10 years hitting a guy harder than just rubbing him out is going to be seen as cheap, that was as real of a hockey play as it gets and it has been in the game for decades, thanks for showing no knowledge of hockey, and thanks for being one of the idiots complaining about physicality and ruining the sport.

I'm sorry, but there was absolutely nothing clean about that hit. The worse part about it for me was that it wasn't one of those unfortunate head contact that can happen because everything happens so fast. In this situation, Torres appeared to have so much time to be able line up the hit properly.

how would he have hit him "properly" eberle was so low that torres would have had to slide across the ice and clip him not ot hit his head, he could have hipchecked him in the head, i don't know how people can say something this retarded
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#23 P. Marlowe

P. Marlowe

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 03:46 AM

I don't think there was really anything against the hockey rules in that hit. Despite the "intent to injury" part. Torres is a mumbling idiot if he doesn't realize that hitting someone's head like that can cause a serious injury. The fact that Eberle put himself in a vulnerable position is no excuse for Torres. He should've let up. "A good hockey play" is no excuse for behaviour where you know you have a good chance to break someone's neck. No matter how much your arms are tucked in or how much the other player should've kept his head up.

It wasn't clever at all from Eberle to lean like that, he should know the risks, but Torres was reckless. Outside hockey rink when you try to injure someone they put you in prison. That shouldn't be any different inside the rink no matter how "good old hockey" it was. I enjoy physical hockey and clean hard hits can be beautiful, but I'm not a fan of violence. Hockey is a dangerous sport and players should know how much damage they can cause if they don't control themselves all the time. No matter how emotional they get during the game all the players should know that they are also human beings responsible of each other.
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#24 Z Winged Dangler

Z Winged Dangler

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 12:47 PM

exact same hit Steve Moore threw on Markus Naslund. the only thing out of the ordinary for Torres is that he didn't leave his feet to make this hit. Eberle didn't have possession of the puck. He was reaching for the puck and got destroyed. 4 games sounds fine.

I like this team.

#25 cusimano_brothers



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Posted 08 April 2011 - 02:14 PM

With the playoffs right around the corner, why would Torres choose now to go off his meds?

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#26 esteef



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Posted 08 April 2011 - 02:27 PM

The funny thing is Torres could've easily just won the puck and controlled down low without even hitting Eberle at all. He even had another Canuck right there to pass it to to hold it down low. What a dumbass. He got what he deserved.

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