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To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

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Taken from a blogger from an Arizona Newspaper:


Detroit fans: If you can't stay away, please wear white

Regrets? We have a few. By stumbling down the stretch and leaving numerous points on the table, [ coughed up home-ice advantage and slid into a sticky first-round playoff series against Detroit.

As always, the opponent and the task feels enormous.

So, a plea to all fans living in the Valley:

If you must go to the games in Arizona, please wear white. We don't want outsiders thinking we can't sell out After all we've been through - from bankruptcy hearings to relocation threats - the last thing we need is more national embarrassment.

A sea of red at Jobing.com Arena would do just that.

If you're a Detroit fan who otherwise cheers for the Coyotes, understand what this does to your second-favorite team, and how deflating it must be to take the ice for a playoff game and hear:

"Let's go Red Wings!"

By the way, that chant broke out at a Valley restaurant Monday morning.

Yep, it's starting already. And in the end, the have no one to blame but themselves


Ok this is one of the most bizarre things I have seen in awile. Maybe they should ask Red Wings fans in Arizona to cheer when the Coyotes score too! :yowza:

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I'm 100% positive that a post like this surfaced somewhere last year too. From what I've seen there, I'd be willing to bet the same guy posted it this year too, only with a few updates.

You can bet that if I were going to any of the games in Phoenix, I'd be wearing one of my red jerseys.

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Found it! And I was right, it's the exact same loser who posted it this year too.

in·san·i·ty / inˈsanitē / Noun

1. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Dan Bickley

Stay Away, Red Wings fans

A WhiteOut shouldn't be stained with pockets of red. The interior of Jobing.com Arena should not resemble Santa Claus with a bloody nose.

In other words: Stay away, Red Wings fans.

With the Coyotes hoping to win the franchise's first playoff series since 1987, this is an appeal to all hockey fans in the Valley.

If you're a Coyotes fan, resist the urge to sell your tickets for profit, even if you're leaving good money on the table. Already in Nashville, the marketplace has been overwhelmed by Chicagoans hoping to cheer their Blackhawks on the road. The Predators see their home-ice advantage slipping away, and they haven't even played a game yet.

If you are a transplant from Michigan, hockey is in your DNA. But you live in Arizona, and chances are, you've grown to love what the Valley has to offer. Well, part of the landscape is a hockey team struggling for survival. So do the right thing. Keep the Red Wings sweater in the closet, and cheer for the home team. Just this once.

Under normal circumstances, a former Coyotes executive said there could be up to 5,000 Red Wings fans in the building for Games 1 and 2. But this year has been anything but normal. And to abandon the Coyotes now would be shirking your civic duty.

For one series, capitalism can wait.

Last Year's LGW Thread.

Original Blog Post. (Takes awhile to load, for me. Also took a refresh or two because it sometimes says "not available")

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okay, um thats the lamest s*** i've heard in a while. in the end, i'd be showing my pride no matter what. i want the wings players to see their fans and get pumped that so many showed up rather then them seeing all white. fans come to support their team, not just to watch. imo the red in the stands has an impact on the players.

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The Coyotes organization and those who surround it have always been whiney about the Wings fans. BOO HOO, I wore my Wings jersey in last years series, and got heckled the whole time from the moment I got out of the car. They can dish it out, but can't take it. Wahhhhh :thumbdown:

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Haha, I remember that article from last year.

At first I thought it was a joke by a Wings fan, but then I realized it wasn't and Coyotes fans are actually really that much of pathetic babies that they have to cry and use the "you live here now, please support us" BS to try to garner sympathy from people just to get them to wear their teams jerseys! HI-LARIOUS!!!

Get AZ out of the league already. They are a bankrupt welfare team with no fans, that the real hockey teams in the league are forced to give money to to keep afloat and keep that ******* Bettmans dream alive, of somehow forcing hicks in the southern US to like hockey.

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technically, there should not be LIFE in phoenix..

While I've been to the Phoenix area once and really enjoyed it, this is hilarious! :D

And to the article/composer, how sad. I got absolutely nothing against the team trying to remain in the Phoenix area, but to tell opposing fan teams to stay away and be 100% serious about is just sad and desperate. Many LOL moments at this piece of write.

Edited by SouthernWingsFan

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