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Coming back from 3-0

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Eight times in NHL history a team has came back from a 3-0 deficit. I am not too sure who all these teams were, but there is a pattern that favours the Wings:

1. LOST : RANGERS vs Boston, 1939 (Rangers lose)

2. WON : TORONTO vs Detroit, 1942 (Maple Leafs win)

3. LOST : DETROIT vs Toronto, 1945 (Red Wings lost)

4. WON : ISLANDERS vs Pittsburgh, 1975 (Islanders win)

5. LOST : ISLANDERS vs Philadelphia, 1975 (Islanders lose)

6. WON : PHILADELPHIA vs, Boston, 2010 (Flyers win)

7, LOST : CHICAGO vs Vancouver, 2011 (Blackhawks lose)

8. WON? DETROIT vs San Jose, 2011

So if the pattern continues, the Wings will head to Vancouver to play the Canucks on the weekend!

Can someone help me fill in the blanks?

*edit: thanks, Demolition man for the update.

** double edit: thanks 13GoWings40

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interesting. ultimately has no bearing on the game itself, of course, but it is an interesting pattern.

i remember hearing when the wings went down 3-0 that there was a 1.8% chance of them winning the series. now that it's 3-3, it's weird because there's obviously more than a 1.8% chance of them winning this game, but by winning the game, they would have beaten those crazy odds.

another trend that i think doesn't favor the wings is that the sharks have gone 0-10 on the powerplay in the last three games. now, while that might seem like a good thing (and it is/was for those games) it's hard to believe they're going to continue to struggle in yet another game with the man advantage. still, all we have to do is shut out their pp for ONE game, not four, even though by doing so in this game we will have shut them down for four straight games, which would seem highly unlikely.

it's like flipping a coin that comes up heads nine times in a row. it seems very unlikely that it would come up heads ten times in a row, making it SEEM unlikely that it will come up heads the tenth time, but really the chances are still 50/50.

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This is no longer a comeback from 0-3.

All this is now is a game 7. Doesn't matter how they got here.

Just get it done and don't play like game 5 (first 40 anyway).

Exactly. They need to shut the door on the Sharks, which is going to be extremely hard. The Sharks are clearly better than they showed in Game 6, and they're going to be pissed and eager to kill the Wings. The Wings will have to weather the storm, never give up, and put pucks on the net and go for the rebound as often as they can.

I think these comebacks are becoming more prevalent. There have been three in the last two seasons. The new parity in the league I think is going to make these comebacks more frequent.

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