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Kronner & Z talks to Swedish press (translated)

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I continue to translate bits from Swedish papers.

Google translate is a good invention, but it needs some manual adjustment after translating a text.

It's funny that Google translates Z:s swedish nickname "Zäta" to "Detroit /" !!!

From Swedish paper Expressen:

Talked with both Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall after the 3-1 victory last night. Detroit and San Jose have now played six matches.

After having beeing down 3-0 in games, the Red Wings had a knife their throat for three games and won them all.

- Yes, it feels like we've already played a number of seventh and decisive matches, said Kronwall.

It was his shot that Z redirected after 10:38 of the third period. It was the equalizer, and then nothing could stop the Red Wings.

- It was lucky that Z got the stick on the puck, because otherwise I think Niemi has the shot in his glove. Now the puck went low instead, "said Kronwall.

- With that kind of leader the team has in Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski there will never be any panic. Their way of acting makes everybody calm, says Kronwall.

The question is whether the routine can calm the storm waiting in San Jose on Thursday night.

- We have a great atmosphere in the team and just keep playing our game, it's not more complicated than that, says Henrik Zetterberg after the night's 3-1 win over San Jose.

Z had a another great game.

- I got the stick on the puck, it was close being a high stick. Glad it wasn't.

His control was like the best of "Homer's".

- Yes, you've seen him do that kind of stuff for seven years, so you've learned a little, said Z with a laugh.

- Good for Filppula, that he got a goal, given all the hard work he does, match after match.

- Howard has really grown a few classes this year. He has been a really good this winter, especially in this series, "said Z.

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