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Posted 17 May 2011 - 10:02 PM

So, I'm new to this whole forum thing. Obviously, with my whole 5 posts. I'm computer literate, but no expert by any means (my help desk at work knows when I call with a problem, it usually requires someone to come out and reprogram something, not just a reboot). Here's my question: I have no idea how everyone gets these awesome signature graphics!! I love Chris Osgood, always have, and I am so jealous of WizardofOz30's and like Kira's is cool (if it was Ozzie ha ha). I don't know anything about photoshop, and I'm thinking that's the key to this. Can someone confirm this?
And, while we're on the topic, is anyone interested in a little... ah, PRO BONO Osgood Signature graphic designing?? :blush:

Thanks for reading!!
Ozzie, what do you think the key to this whole playoffs and winning the Stanley Cup was? (asks Darren McCarty, interviewing Ozzie after beating Penguins in 2008 to win the Cup) "Just that we made every last minute a kerfuffule. That would be it, I mean, we never could just put an empty-netter in there to make it easy. We had to... really, you know what we did it for? So the fans could watch right to the end."

Thanks, Oz. So nice of you to always be thinking of the fans!!!!


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