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Andy Pred 48

Obscure FA's for Kenny

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well i cant see us getting a notetable name in the FA season so i thought i would have a look to see who's out there and could do Kenny a job on the 3/4 lines or a 6th D. (plus he may be cheap!!) also how about a reclaim project as well.

Justin Morrison 1998 round 3 #81 overall by Vancouver Canucks has some size put up some numbers in the A has been playing in Finland.

Ladislav Nagy 1997 round 7 #177 overall by St. Louis Blues plenty of NHL exp, has been in the wilderness playing in the Russian, Slovak and Swedish leagues since leaving the Kings in '08. Could well be worth a shot, still only 31, possable 2nd line scoring winger?

Janne Pesonen 2004 round 9 #269 overall by Anaheim Ducks this guy put up big numbers in his only season in the A, had good production in the Finnish league and has been good for a point every 2 games in the KHL the past 2 season's.

Vitaly Atyushov 2002 round 9 #276 overall by Ottawa Senators, a veteran of the Russian/KHL spent the last 10 years at Metallurg Magnitogorsk

where he has been Capt the past six season's. Has played for Russia over 40 times. Unlikely to leave his homeland, but you never know.

Mark Bell 1998 round 1 #8 overall by Chicago Blackhawks has been playing in the Swiss league the past 2 years. Last played in the show for the Leafs in '08. Still only 30 and could be Kenny's next re-claim project.

Mike Iggulden never drafted but managed to play a dozen games in the NHL between 08-09 scoring 5 pts. Played just over 300 games in the A getting nearly 240 points. Has good size and only 28.

Erik Reitz 2000 round 6 #170 overall by Minnesota Wild local boy Eric has never reached the level he promised to.He was voted OHL Most Outstanding Defenseman "Max Kaminsky Trophy" in 01-02 and was in the AHL all star game in 07-08. He is a solidly built defenceman who will

stick up for his team mates. Another re-claim for Kenny this time on the D, maybe playing for his home team will bring out the best from him

well think that'll do for now, anyone else bored and want to add to the list?

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Nagy reminds me of Nikolai Zherdev. Way too streaky. Reitz couldn't hack it in the NHL, so he bolted for the KHL. The only guy I see on that list that I wouldn't mind taking a chance on is Mark Bell. Still relatively young, sign him to a league minimum contract and toss him for a few preseason games and see how he does. If he floats, keep him as a scrappy extra forward. Otherwise, send him to GR and call him up injuries pile up.

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sheesh,...mark bell. I remember a couple of seasons ago (like 06') people were clamoring for kenny to sign this guy. If cleary and others can be polished up, so can this guy I suppose.

Didn't he have something with drunk driving that scared a lot of people away?

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Oleg Piganovich, Ive mentioned this guy before about 4 years ago. Not a top 4 in the NHL but id say would be

upto a 5/6 slot. Played D in front of Hasek last year so Kenny could always ring the Dom up for some inside

info. Big body, good reach and a cannon of a shot but he is a lefty so maybe not what we are after. Set the

record for the most goals scored by a defencemamn in the RSL in 07-08 with 22 in 56 games. Also plays physical

and not afraid to get his nose dirty.

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