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Red Wings on Twitter

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1. Mike Commodore

and that's it.

*interestingly enough as i write this darren dreger just reported on his twitter page that jimmhoward32 had just joined twitter, but the account was then revealed to be a fake*

i wonder if this is something the management frowns upon, and that's why there are no others. the only other teams to have one twittereerr are new jersey (elias) and minnesota (havlat, who will now replace jamal mayer's twitter spot at san jose). this will leave minnesota having no twittererrerers, who will join atlanta, boston, buffalo, calgary, chicago (though mayers is on the way), and ottawa with that distinction.

i'm curious if six-four will be talked to about his, seeing how he recently posted pictures of bikini-clad woman washing cars in california (gasp), and when asked said that the only ballet he had been to before had a pole (haha).

btw, former red wing twittledores include d-mac, aaron ward, and wendel clark, and the team with the most twingleberries are the rangers and capitals, each with 8.


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I don't think its a management thing.. I mean if you have your players out there interacting with the fans then it is usually a good thing. I think a lot more of it comes from the players personally.. A lot of the players on the Wings seem like they would rather keep to themselves when they are at home and enjoy their privacy, while other players enjoy spending their days off interacting with fans. I suppose it could also be an age thing, but not entirely.

Anyways, aside from Commie there are a few Wings prospects who have Twitter as well and I can't really see the Wings management saying "welcome to the Red Wings, now please delete your Twitter account." Then again it wouldn't surprise me if some teams did just that, I remember seeing a bit of chatter on Twitter wondering if the Hawks would make Mayers delete his account.

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I want to touch on this quick.

Twitter is great for getting and giving info.

For players, this means only a few things.

You can try and promote other things you are doing, which most fans could care less about.

You can respond to what is happening in your sport, which can get you into huge trouble and make you look foolish.

You can respond to fans to make them feel important, which has little payout and can get you into huge trouble and make you look foolish.

You can have an account and do nothing with it, and it may eventually get hacked leading you into huge trouble and make you look foolish.

Or you can not have one, and the world moves on.

I am not against them having twitter, but honestly there isn't much benefit to it for players, coaches, GMs, etc.

It is great for marketing, journalists, comedians, and similar types.

Take Hank for example...

He has a clothing line, a superstar status, a hot wife...

His tweets would be boring like.

Congrats to my wife for landing this gig.

Hey we have a new shirt for sale on the website.

Hey congrats to Pavel for his 100th point of the season.

Not too exciting...

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Guest CaliWingsNut

I would guess the organization frowns on such activity. I ONLY say this after years of listening to the reserved uncontroversial commentary by wings players to the media. When you compare their lack of candor to players such as Pronger, Avery, Bissonnette, etc the wings look rather....dull.

That said, the Red Wings seem to have been slow to adopt new means of marketing. They only this past year have been sending out official social media updates via twitter and facebook when the opportunity has been around for much longer. It matches much of what makes the Red Wings continually successful, not rocking the boat and making steady but slow improvements.

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Who really cares. Its a great way for fans to grow attached to a certai player and its pretty cool to get a little insight like that.

Brendan Smith also has it and I think he'll be a wing by the end of the season. Because Detroit has alot of Europeans who may not be the best with English may play a part in why they have few tweeters. All the North Americans on the team pretty much are older guys who didnt grow up with as much technology.

Callahan, Sheahan, Parkes, Fournier, and Sproul all have accounts as well

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