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New Keeper League Looking for GM's

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I have started a Keeper League on ESPN with 6 or so friends and we are planning on expanding the league to 12 or more teams. All we ask is you to be active, if you're new thats more then fine just be active. Most of us are PC-Gamers and have been gaming with each other for the last 10-12 years so the core is strong and you don't have to worry about the league leaking alway. ((3 or so of us are from Downriver area)).

Again all we ask for is you to be active, we understand that people do have a life outside the internet and sometimes crap happens, I'm not gonna ask for a doctors note so just let me know if possible ahead of time that you won't be around for a few days/weeks.

Rules of the league are not set in stone at this time. The only thing that is set in stone are draft picks, which were set to random once the league was created. With that said, there are plenty of early first round picks still open.

I also have a Ventrilo server that I'll let people in this league use at anytime they would like. Its really fun for drafting and really nice for working out trades. Plus side is putting a voice to a name, down side putting a voice to a name. We use this ventrilo all the time for gaming also so there always people online. And typing sucks anyways.

If you wanna take a chance on a new friendly keeper league let me know.

Sorry if this is the worng place to post a topic like this or if this is consider spam.

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