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Goalie Rules In Large Leagues

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I'm involved with a few hockey leagues this year, and we are finding that agreeing on a goalie setup is becoming a problem. It's a 2nd year keeper league head to head, 16 teams. How the layout is now is two goalies total per team, so everyone has a fair opportunity to own a starter. Last season there were no goalie restrictions and a few teams had 3 starters and two teams had nothing but backups. This wasn't due to drafting stupidity, its what those few owners got stuck with that had to autodraft.

I'm curious to see how other leagues approach issues like this with goaltending. We are tossing around a ton of ideas, including if you own the starting goalie of one team then you will own the backup as well and roll the tandem all season. Downside to this is the constant changing of starting goalies, trades, injuries among other factors that would cause problems. In this format the guy that spent a good pick on Rask would have to give him up to the owner of Thomas which would cause problems so we scrapped that idea.

We would like to find a more long term solution that we can stick with so that its fair to everyone, so any ideas anyone could provide would be great, if you are in a similar league and have found a logical and fair format please share it with me so we can get over this hump and focus on playing and winning. Thanks in advance for anyone that can assist me here.

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