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Jersey Wing

Somebody at the NHL Network has a sense of humor

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Ha, that's great! I wonder what the heck caused it... I did see a car the other day with a Whalers sticker on it - maybe we really are in a time warp! As long as it's the 1996-97 season, the last season they were in the league, I'm okay with that. ;)

I'd rather see it rewound further back to when the Whalers had Gordie Howe.

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Guest ToMaToToWnWinGsFaN_24

Beauteous. What would really be funny is if the Coyotes ever play the Jets, and that same screen reads "Winnipeg at Winnipeg."

lol it could very well happen! they play again on December 1st at the MTS Center in Winnipeg Manitoba.. and guess whos going to that game.. :cool::punk:

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